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Lastly, The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently conducted a comprehensive study on the financial impact of violence to hospitals and healthcare systems, the first research of its kind.It studied both community or public violence as well as in-facility violence, prevention and preparedness costs, and post-incident costs.Suspected measles patients (i.e., persons with febrile rash illness) should be removed from emergency department and clinic waiting areas as soon as they are identified, placed in a private room with the door closed, and asked to wear a surgical mask, if tolerated.In hospital settings, patients with suspected measles should be placed immediately in an airborne infection (negative-pressure) isolation room if one is available and, if possible, should not be sent to other parts of the hospital for examination or testing purposes.The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) Vaccine Preventable Disease Program would like to make you aware of possible exposures to measles occurring at multiple locations in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey and Tennessee.To date, no suspect measles cases related to these exposures have been reported to NJDOH.All of the cases were import-associated with 13 direct imports and 15 epi-linked to imported cases.

Having high levels of measles immunity among health care personnel and such documentation on file minimizes the work needed in response to measles exposures, which cannot be anticipated.Below you will find an updated PDF version of our "Preparedness Briefing" with links to resources critical for your emergency preparedness and operations; also attached are the two PDF posters we've published on initial steps during emergency operations, and considerations for different types of emergencies (hard copies are available by emailing contact.preparedness at gov).Preparedness Briefing PDF Emergency Opertions PDF 1 Emergency Operations PDF 2 You should also be reminded to be on alert for any unusual disease activity.Immunocompromised patients and patients who are not fully immune may have an atypical presentation. residents who travel abroad and vaccinate if necessary.Recommendations Health care providers should maintain vigilance for measles importations and have a high index of suspicion for measles in persons with a clinically compatible illness who have traveled abroad or who have been in contact with travelers. Measles is endemic in many countries, including popular travel destinations.The federal Inter Agency Board (IAB) publication "Recommendations on Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Products for First Responders Against Exposure Hazards to Synthetic Opioids, Including Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogues" establishes guidance for personal protective equipment selection and use, decontamination, detection, and medical countermeasures for first responders who may be exposed to opioids in the course of their occupational activities.

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