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Deficit hawks will be delighted to hear that public money isn't being spent on any of this: it's being funded by MBNA Thames Clippers and My Single Friend.com, who also think the whole thing is a marketing opportunity.

They might be right, too: the spokesperson told us that, since the event was announced yesterday, 70 per cent of the tickets have already gone.

If the same person picks you in his/her match card, we will send you each others' contact info!

After 5 minutes a bell will signal the men to thank the ladies and move to the next table.

Try any of the sites below for London attractions, sites and sounds - as well as a selection of the best sites for Christian singles in the capital.

Reason being I wanted the people who had less cash to benefit too.

A need for single Christians in London and generally?

Well we searched the web for 'Christian singles in London' and came up with well - a bunch of sites that produced tonnes of pages that eventually took you to some secular dating site in the US!

After half the dates, we will take a break and have some of the delicious nibbles provided.

Recommended ages for this event are: Women 35-48, Men 37-50.

Singles and their loyal wingmen and wingwomen are invited to take to the river and skies to find a date for their single friends in two romantic settings.

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