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Noodle dishes like shrimp pad thai, pork ramen topped with an organic poached egg or slippery steak chow fun will help fight off the ravages of a night of cocktails and leave you bright eyed come sunrise – ready to start the party all over again.

A short trip over the Julia Tuttle Causeway takes Miami Beach visitors to the hottest new dining destination in the city – the Miami Design District – where Chef Michael Schwartz crafts a unique menu based on the freshest local produce.

Driven by word-of-mouth and lauded in blogs and tweets, the restaurant allows no walk-in customers and offers online reservations for early and late sittings via

Guests gather at their designated time to enjoy perfectly crafted servings of soup, rice, vegetables and pristine fresh seafood the chef procures from the dayboats at nearby Haulover marina or imports on daily flights.

Its kitschy-chic decor is the perfect backdrop for sipping classic cocktails or colorful riffs on Tiki drinks.

While decadence may reign supreme in Miami, this restaurant’s aim is a more down-to-earth form of holistic nourishment.

Miami Beach nightspots may remain open until dawn, but great restaurants seldom do.

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Magic City provides lucky residents with year-round sun-kissed complexions.

In the heart of the Lincoln Road shopping district, Chef Sean Brasel’s team sears perfect steaks and pours classic cocktails.

A little farther up Collins Avenue, a Dutch couple shares their passion for spicy Indonesian dishes.

If you’re in Sunset Harbour and not eating seafood, you’re doing it wrong.

Stiltsville’s Cajun-inflected menu mirrors the neighborhood’s casual, eclectic vibe.

From celebrated TV chefs to mom and pop cafes, you can meet, greet, and eat alongside South Florida’s most dedicated foodies who are happy to share an insider’s perspective on where to find the freshest seafood, the most authentic Latin flavors and the true culinarians who dedicate themselves to showcasing Florida’s finest produce.

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