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These communications sets could transmit and receive at distances of about 30 miles.

In December 1901, Marconi was able to receive a wireless signal across the Atlantic.

John Mackay died in London in 1902 and his son, Clarence Mackay (photo left) inherited all of the telecommunications businesses and saw to the completion of the transpacific system in 1904.

FTC's maritime radio equipment was sometimes installed in large consoles that were called Marine Radio Units.In 1888, Heinrich Hertz proved Maxwell correct with a series of experiments that measured the wavelength of his transmitting device thus proving that EM radiation traveled in waves and therefore was not inductive fields.By 1891, Nikola Tesla was beginning to demonstrate wireless and in 1892 gave a demonstration of wireless transmission and reception at the Franklin Institute.Middle photo shows the 1952 Type 3001A shipboard longwave receiver.The rightmost photo shows the 1968 ITT-Mackay Marine 3010C shipboard MW-SW receiver.~ Radio's Connection to the Comstock ~ ~ Early Radio Operation in Nevada ~ ~ Arthur G.

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