Sprung dating game becky story walkthrough


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REQUIREMENTS FOR UNLOCKING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The walktgrough covers both characters, Brett and Becky.It is by no means the only way to successfully complete a section.This walkthrough for Sprung [Nintendo DS] has been posted at by nguyenhuuloc and is called "FAQ/Walkthrough".If somebody does know how these two parts can be unlocked, please let me know.--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 2 | G A M E | --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 1 | REVIEW | A review for this game written by me can be found at ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 2 | STORY | Brett and Becky are spending there winter sports holiday on Snowbird Mountain with a lot of male and female friends.=============================================================================== UPDATE HISTORY =============================================================================== Version .05 12/04/05 -It's like 2 in the morning and I picked this game up again and started working on it again! -Finished "Motivational Speakers" of Becky's story. -22KB Increase -Biggest Update Yet because I have to flu and I have to stay home. Version .90 01/25/05 -Back To work it looks like -Finished The bonus of Becky's Story. Version .83 01/21/05 -Finished "The Sketchy Ex Boyfriend" Of Becky's story. I still can't believe your boyfriend, of two years, cheated on you.

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