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The performer has suffered other health mishaps, reportedly collapsing onstage at an August 2016 concert in Urbana, Ill., and leaving the showgrounds in an ambulance.

the sold-out concert “has been postponed due to illness of lead singer Steve Harwell.This just goes to prove how nice a guy Ed Sheeran is, or that he really likes making 13-year-old girls pee their pants: • On Saturday before the formal launch of her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton shared her "official campaign playlist" on Spotify.It includes a selection of inoffensive songs from Pharrell, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson (among others), but it also includes "Roar" from Katy Perry, which is sure to alienate any voters who side with Taylor Swift's in this whole "Bad Blood" feud.But in this case it's a little different, because we already kinda assumed everybody on that set was a jerk.• On Monday, Lindsay Lohan shared a few photos from a recent cryo-therapy session (see one below), which reportedly seeks to slow the aging process by exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures.Seuss without dirty rhymes floating through your head. Sanders, but he knows how to get the most out of his fried chicken.

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