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Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell was hospitalized Thursday, resulting in the cancellation of at least two concerts.The frontman experienced difficulty breathing at a sound check for Thursday night’s concert at the  New Daisy Theater in Memphis, and decided to seek medical treatment, preempting the performance, according to TMZ." data-reactid="18"Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell was hospitalized Thursday, resulting in the cancellation of at least two concerts.Watch the video above to hear more about her approach.• Unsatisfied with merely making unauthorized TV tell-alls about "Saved By the Bell" and "Full House," Lifetime is reportedly working on an "Unauthorized '90210' Story" to focus on all the drama that happened off-camera.Seuss without dirty rhymes floating through your head. Sanders, but he knows how to get the most out of his fried chicken.At The Knicks game last night, former player Charles Oakley was arrested after, allegedly, going after Knicks-owner James Dolan and putting his giant finger through a dude's head. I'd say he was a war criminal for this one, though.

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• Katy Perry shared several photos from her new Moschino ad campaign on Monday, one of which sees the singer only partially covering her nude body with a Moschino coat (below).We will have a new date once we schedule it with their management.”" data-reactid="19"The group’s Friday show at the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, Ill., was also affected.According to the Wildey’s Facebook page, the sold-out concert “has been postponed due to illness of lead singer Steve Harwell.It's a fabulous photo, for sure, but it also illustrates just how effectively Moschino's large formless shawls can completely negate even the most bodacious of celebrity bodies. • According to a screenwriter who was hired to write it, the never-produced sequel to Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" might have starred Courtney Love as Harley Quinn, one of Batman's newer foes.Unfortunately, the film never came to be, probably because Joel Schumacher was throwing around names like "Courtney Love" when discussing major casting choices.The internet has always done a fantastic job of destroying the things we hold dear.

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