Strippers dating female customres

“But I’ve hung out with strippers before, and by Day Two, they’re usually spilling their daddy issues.” So, we ask him what kind of guys only want to date strippers. “And strippers are really hot, so that has to be important to you.” How insightful.

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If other women are to blame, get ready to be added to the list.

Sometimes I’ll bump into strip club clients out in the “real world” while picking out furniture at IKEA, standing in line at the grocery store, or depositing cash at my credit union.

I’m typically with my kid or boyfriend, and donning a flannel, jeans, and shoes that in no way resemble stripper heels. It’s so disappointing when a customer gets pissed off about that reality.

Don’t ask her about her tattoos; she’s run out of clever retorts.

It’s not the first time I’ve been to a strip club—I’ve accompanied two separate boyfriends for their birthday parties and spent time in one around the 2004 Republican National Convention, trying to catch GOP members in compromising positions.

When his girlfriend first informed him of her decision to strip, he says he tried to play it cool, but in the long run it made him feel worse.

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