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We broke up after a week, and I've barely heard from her since then, I ." I shake my head, on the verge of snapping and pulverizing the nearest idiot.With that moron Akaito in the picture, Rin's not safe, and neither am I.(Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to use them to break my fall, and now there's this disgusting sticky blood gushing from my now-crooked nose.).Placing a finger above my lip to brush away some of the crimson liquid, I turn to look at Neko, who has dropped to the ground on her knees and covered her head with her hands. But here's the thing: Neko's quite the interesting character, Piko.

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Once on the ground, I take a look at my scraped hands and busted knee - okay, maybe not totally busted, but there will definitely be a limp for a while. "Now we have to get out of here and do something about this Akaito thing.""Obviously. Nothing important to bring up with her."Promise you won't kill me? " I scream at the top of my lungs as I lunge for the white-haired idiot, who had leaped off the couch and started plowing through his house to get away from me.And Rin let out a shriek moments before when she stumbled over her feet to back away from Akaito's line of fire. I didn't hear the gun go off, which means the bastard has a silencer. And something tells me you know more about her than anyone.""E-eh...""Exactly." I stand up and move closer to him, gritting my teeth at the pain still surging through my body.And that means that of the throng of people on the streets won't hear it if he shoots us full of lead. " I chuckle and wink at the red-haired girl with a smile - not flirtatiously, just a silent way of telling her to give Piko a hard time. "I want you to tell me every single thing that you know about her. She's hot enough to attract a bad boy like Kagamine Len.And she's smart and crafty enough to trick him into doing her own dirty work...I dont have many friends but the ones i have i think are enough for my liking.

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