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With a dumbfounded look, I release him and cocked my head to one side, repeating him with a question in my voice."Y-Yea..." Piko combs some of his hair from his face and hooks it behind his ear. She's actually pretty popular herself, but..didn't like the whole 'glamorous' life, so..ran.""So...everything you've told me about her up to this point..a ""Eh...

Thus preventing me from like meeting too many people."-to feel that it's okay to hang around you.""Someone's jealous of me~! " Now, his stupidity and shy-boy act is just getting old.There's no way a kid can be so damn shy."Girlfriend!So i meet lots of people there but i am kinda afraid to initiate a convo with someone.So like in order for my speech to get better i need to get to know a person so my brain gets kinda used to the person but like i am afraid girls gonna turn me down and stuff." Piko cries out in a panic, tripping over his words."Juvy? "Why would someone as wimpy and pathetic as you go there? I let her sneak in and rest here until she found a suitable place on the street where she felt like she belonged."I raise a brow.

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