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Also, since 2003, gay and lesbian couples can adopt children, and lesbian couples have had equal access to IVF and assisted insemination since 2005.Sweden has been recognized as one of the most socially liberal countries in Europe and in the world, with recent polls indicating that a large majority of Swedes support LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.We are an inclusive organisation where all who serve and contribute should feel welcomed and respected".The ability to legally change the gender marker in Sweden has been available since 1972, when Sweden became the first country in the world to allow transgender people to legally correct their gender.The previously existing acts against discrimination were also replaced with a new Discrimination Act.

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The law was re-evaluated in 2007, proposing removals of the requirements to be a Swedish citizen, unmarried and sterilized, and presented to the Christian Democrat Minister for Health and Social Affairs.

Sweden legalised same-sex sexual activity in 1944; in that year the age of consent became 18.

In 1987, in order to combat the spread of HIV, the Legislature passed a law against sex in gay saunas and against prostitution.

In 1972, Sweden became the first country in the world to allow transgender folks to legally change their sex, provided free hormone therapy, and an equal age of consent was set at 15.

This was followed by an activist occupation of the main office of the National Board of Health and Welfare.

As of 2008, the parties in the Riksdag and their opinions of same-sex marriages (presented in order of size in the Riksdag): The 2008 Swedish Cabinet Government, under whom this legislation was passed, consisted of the Moderate Party, the Centre Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democratic Party.

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