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Yet having met women like Swifts so, so many times before, this is purely more sympathy-seeking. Ever since Taylor and Tom’s relationship has come to light the pair have been inseparable, travelling to meet both sets of parents, as well as spending a romantic weekend away in Rome.The Grammy winner makes another reference to her two cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, when she sings, "Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats alone—unless you wanna come along."While the singer and her current boyfriend have managed to keep their romance uncharacteristically out of the spotlight, this track gives fans a long-awaited glimpse into how the two may have hit it off.According to the track, Swift was dating Hiddleston at the time, which could put her introduction to Alwyn sometime around last summer. As she sings, "You should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in the darkened room." What do you think about all of Taylor's clues?

I began toying with this theory circa her girl squad-era which, to my weary vintage gaze, seemed like a pack of flinty-eyed social climbers jostling for Instagram exposure. Or perhaps it was when that poor git Tom Hiddleston got tangled up with her during her Calvin Harris rebound state-of-mind. Every primary school, every office and every college dorm has a Swift.

Swift’s behaviour over the weekend reminds me of a recent brilliant spoof advice feature on the razor-sharp comedy “woman’s interest” website The Reductress entitled “How to Avoid Negativity Now That You Are Over The Drama You Created”.

The closing moments of “Look What You Made Me Do” feature a cacophony of through-the-years Swift, (country and western Swift, Shake It Off Swift, all-American goddess Swift).

"Her skittishness on “Delicate”, about the danger of rushing into something, of sharing too much of yourself too soon with someone you’re still getting to know, is all too palpable as the beat switches up like a nervous heart.

She can be fragile (“Dancing With Our Hands Tied”, or she can be bold (“only bought this dress/so you could take it off”).

, topped the i Tunes charts in 111 countries and debuted at no.1 on the Official UK Albums Charts.

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