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While the number of couples may be much higher than it used to be, there are also a number of wrestlers who have been dumped over the past few years and sometimes they are in the harshest of ways.Not only that, but many of the stars on this list were then forced to turn up and see their former spouse the next day because they made the mistake of dating someone that they have to work with.The couple were seen together in Instagram posts and even Tweeted each other occasionally until earlier this year when it was reported to be over between the duo.There was no official word made on why the couple broke up, but it is thought that being on opposite brands was hard for them following the WWE Draft and Ryder had already started dating Tough Enough contestant and current Impact superstar Chelsea Green. When he performed at the Live Shows, he had everyone laughing with his bit on how the “World’s Fastest Clapper” discovered he was the world’s fastest clapper among other things.Fellow standup comedian Howie Mandel called Preacher and his performance “electric.” Simon Cowell said there should be a TV series around Preacher.

A few months later Rollins was seen out in public with Zahra.Not only did Chyna lose her boyfriend that day, but Stephanie then used all the power that she had in the company at that time to have Chyna fired as well which then began an epic downward spiral for the first ever female Intercontinental Champion.One of the most public breakups of WWE's modern era saw former WWE World Champion Seth Rollins caught up in his own personal drama back in February 2015 when hackers shared private pictures of NXT star Zahra Schreiber on Rollins Twitter page.Leighla got the last laugh though since his relationship with Zahra only lasted a few months in the end.Goldust and Marlena were one of the biggest parts of WWE's Attitude Era and tested the boundaries a number of times.The following list looks at 15 wrestlers who were dumped in the worst ways.

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