Tech professional on line dating is internet dating safe


When he met his fiancée, he was excited to find that she could keep up with his stories about building his own computer. For tech geeks like my big brother, it’s a relief to find someone on the same intellectual level to talk to.It turned out she had the same interests and passions as he did. Sharing interests makes it that much easier to connect with someone.Slashdot encourages users to actively engage in a thoughtful discussion of recent innovations, controversial laws, insightful studies, and other topics shaping the future of technology.My older brother is full of arcane technical knowledge, but he isn’t very good at explaining it to those of us without a degree in computer programming.First announced last July, Bumble has launched Bizz, a new mode in its app designed for professional networking and mentoring.Following the “women make the first move” concept the dating app is built on, Bizz lets users swipe to find connections to network with Bumble’s 20 million users.Logan Abbott, President of Slashdot, acknowledged the tone of the tech site can be somewhat biting as users bluntly state their opinions about various news stories.“Slashdot is known for our penchant for free speech,” Logan said.

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The Short Version: Slashdot hosts a community of knowledgeable tech professionals coming together to discuss and debate the latest tech news. Stuff that matters,” and that’s exactly what the newsfeed delivers.Slashdot was created by Rob “Cmdr Taco” Malda in 1997.This snarky taco enthusiast wanted to feature news stories about technological developments, computers, space, and even politics.(I call this section of the app “friend-zoning, but intentional.”) Mode Switching lets you manage three different profiles for each of the separate features Bumble offers, “so no accidents happen.” However, with the profile UIs all looking pretty similar, and nothing but the Bumble Bizz logo at the top to separate it from the main Bumble mode, make sure you’re in a clear state of mind (i.e., not drunk) when swiping.And if you’re in a relationship, get ready to explain to your significant other that “It’s just for networking, babe! What began as an undergrad’s tongue-in-cheek project in 1997 soon became a worldwide sensation in the tech world.

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