Teddy riley dating katee shean and joshua allen dating

anyway good luck teddy in finding someone whose real. I’m watching Baisden right now and Teddy looks as hadsome as always, not being cruel in anyway to anyone.

it was good to see u years ago at a show here in texas. Love u always I think all of the people who know him personally would keep it to themselves.

After I heard of this marriage by him I was very hurt but time moved on and I’m over it…. I actually broke it off beacuse it was scary how quickly his feeling progressed and furthermore he was ready to get married after a matter of days. The man wanted someone and she was at the right place at the right time! I was a friend of both Teddy and Melinda, I was told that Robin was an obsessed ex girlfriend who got dumped because she was an ex call-girl…when Teddy became aware of this he left the relationship and found Melinda…so this sounds like complete jealousy of getting dumped!

No the truth is, he would have married anything and anyone who accepted him. It’s called hating on a situation cause it was her who walked down the aisle…

Her life is a full of twists and turns; quite unpredictable and somewhat tragic maybe!Teddy Riley’s marriage to aspiring singer Melinda Santiago is just about over.The 39-year-old singer/producer of Blackstreet and Guy filed for divorce from Santiago after being married apparently less than two months.she wasn’t the least bit surprised by my call which tells me she knew what she was doing. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, BUT THE KEY IS TO CONTINUE IN THE PEACE AND LOVE OF GOD, TAKING NO PART IN BITTERNESS. I am a grown and changed woman and I let Ms Curious get me out of my character. But I did want to clear the air in time people grown and change and if they don’t all we can do is pray for them. PS Ms Curious sorry about the lost of your baby back then I just heard from him today but he also said this was way before my timing with him. TO: ROBIN, YOU KNOW IT TAKES A LOT TO DO WHAT YOU DID AND GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR THAT. Working just about everything from Electrical Lighting, Story Board Artist, to Project Manager.now my problem would be with him of course, but woman to woman, its really funny how she’s in this cycle. JUDGE NOT, UNLESS YOU BE JUDGED BY THAT IN WHICH YOU JUDGE OTHERS BY. NOW THAT YOU’VE ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS FROM CURIOUS, ASK ALSO FROM GOD BECAUSE IT IS HIS CREATION YOU HAVE OFFENDED…PLEASE LOVE HER AS JESUS LOVED YOU CAUSE TEDDY CAN’T SAVE OUR SOLES AND HE IS NOT THE PROBLEM NOR ANSWERE, BUT HE IS ONLY A MAN CAPABLE OF MANY MISTAKES. One thing that has never changed the women who are at the events, parties etc.As for Miss Tonya I do say I’m sorry you had to read of this because Teddy is a good person and I will never be negative towards him. melinda is a nasty girl, I hear about her from WAy back in Brookyn. he has always loved the ladies and always been a good guy with a kind to kh fuck you pussy come to harlem with that noise and i will personally knock your ass out and piss on you.

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