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Fed up with is, Raven agrees to turn over to the dark side.Then when Trigon threatens the lives of the rest of the team, Raven reveals this to be a trick, angering Trigon. So Raven, along with the rest of the team, fight Trigon with the wishes he granted them, defeating him.Beast Boy has Starfire believe she has killed him in mosquito form, so he acts like a ghost to scare her.The Titans get back at him with one of Raven's spells to make Beast Boy think he really is dead.Growing tired of Beast Boy's same old game, Cyborg tricks Raven into creating a magical double of himself to play with Beast Boy.Beast Boy and his magic double become friends, so Cyborg tricks Raven into creating a magical double of Beast Boy, and things go out of hand when the doubles become friends, and they learn how to create more magical doubles, and kick the original Titans out of the tower.The Titans become fond of it, but Robin suspects that it is evil.

While Beast Boy does everything he knows how to do, Robin can only hope that being more like Aquaman could win Starfire's heart. Light breaks in front of Raven, she is split into five versions of herself and the rest of the Titans must find her copies, trap them in the fragments of the prism, and put her back together.

This then backfires when the team actually needs Robin to defeat a monster, but he becomes too relaxed to fight and the team is defeated.

After defeating a messy monster, the Titan's clothes become messy.

However, Beast Boy gets his revenge by jumping into a volcano like mountain.

Cyborg dies after getting ripped to shreads by a mountain lion, Robin dies after falling off a cliff, Raven and Starfire both die after getting hit by lasers Beast Boy nearly jumps and mocks the other titans for being gullable and he was not going to jump, the other titans (including Starfire) are angry at Beast Boy, Beast Boy walks away but accidentally falls into the volcano (killing him offscreen,) The Episode ends with the Titans laughing then Cyborg saying "So What Now?

"Beast Boy and Cyborg try to get free pizza by slowing down the delivery boy, but constantly fail to get the pizza to Titans Tower in over 30 minutes; meanwhile, Robin is torn between building a pool or a senior center.

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