Teenage dating guidelines


That prompted a wonderful grandmother who has worked in our ministry for more than 10 years to write me a letter about some lines her mother drew for her many years ago: I remember my mother drawing the line for me when I began to date.

She instructed me about how a guy should and should not touch me with his hands.

Being thus unencumbered by the actual reality of being a parent to a teenage daughter, I am compelled to express my views on the subject with absolute certainty.

And my dating rules for the lovely creatures once they do arrive are quite simple: No.

So when I saw “Teenage Dating for Girls,” I thought, oh great. So that’s probably even more reason why I should have known better than to jump to any conclusions.

Another well-intentioned but confused Catholic parent telling us why it’s okay that her teenage daughter goes steady – because it’s important to show that we trust her and she knows she’s supposed to be good and we really want her to think of us more as friends than as parents and that boy is so charming and his parents are so nice and – what, you’re pregnant? I should also note that my own home is decidedly ungraced by the presence of any teenage girls, so my own opinions on this particular topic are, from a practical standpoint, entirely prospective in nature.

I can remember 40 years ago the pleasure we both experienced when my husband put his hand on my knee as we drove off on our honeymoon---he laughed and said he had been waiting four years to do that!

For example, she said to never let a guy place his hand on my knee.

I see so many dating couples with their hands on each other's knees or with his hand in her back pocket and I always remember Mother's words.

But I'm glad she bugged me, because her persistence caused me to think about the model I was setting for the kids. And yes, bathing suits—better deal with that one before they turn 13!

In addition to limits you set in music, movies, and television, here are some questions to help you determine limits in other areas: Dating: At what age will they begin dating, and with whom? Clothing: Will you allow them to wear clothes that are trendy, even if they are questionable? Calling boys, or asking boys out for dates: Are you going to let your daughter call boys?

Recently I challenged our staff here at Family Life to "draw some lines" in their lifestyles.

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