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The hotel was once one of Tel Aviv's first movie theaters, named Esther Cinema, and to this day captures the nostalgia of a bygone era with displays of original theater memorabilia showcasing the stories of classic films.

Guests can immerse in the unique atmosphere by catching one of our movie screenings or relaxing on our spacious rooftop terrace, where evening refreshments are served.

The first phase of the project includes new excavations and surveys designed to address a number of critical issues in the Late Bronze and Iron Age archaeology of the southern Levant.

These include the history of copper production technology and the introduction of iron, historical issues concerning the nature of 13th – 9th c.

The service is given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Commenced in 2012, the Central Timna Valley (CTV) Project of Tel Aviv University is a multi-year multidisciplinary research attempting to elucidate various aspects of the archaeological record in the vicinity of the copper ore deposits of the southern Aravah.

We loved being surrounded by restaurants and shops along the main street of Dizengoff and enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning.

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The hotel was once one of Tel Aviv's first movie theaters, named Esther Cinema, and to this day captures...

BCE desert societies and the impact of the intense copper production on social processes, regional and global political interactions and the economy of the southern Levant at that period.

The focus of the first field seasons (2013) has been Site 34 (“The Slaves’ Hill” / “Giv‘at Ha‘avadim”), one of the largest smelting camps in the Timna Valley (click here for a KMZ file), in addition to two mining fields near the Merkavot Site that represent the two common types of mines in the region: shafts & galleries and open pits (click here for a KMZ file).

The rooms were cozy and comfortable - no complaints.

" " Great hotel full of character and wonderfully decorated!

BCE) and the date of the other main smelting camps, as well as the thousands of mine shafts, is now insecure.

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