Tema ghana dating scams


I can give you the good sex in your life and be the down for you like a woman.

it is no easy for a strong man like me to accep to be your girlfriend i hop you understand that.

Is probably only out for money which he can be aggressive in asking for.

Seems to be illiterate as uses other men in the cafes to do his typing for him.

my penis and bottom is the hot chokolet too sweet for you.” Peter, Timmy or whatever his real name is, is actually a gang based in Nigeria, Ghana and possibly the UK.

They weaved an elaborate story involving his father’s inheritance, being arrested at the airport, car crashes and a voodoo priest.

When you talk or email him it may not actually be him replying.

He then requests money and if you don’t send it becomes very angry. He has four profiles on BGClive fittest_lad and cute_as_hell seem to be active. Only wants to request money – doesn’t even want to pretend you are friends!

Some of these scams are known as advance fee fraud or 419.

Money is requested because of arrest at the airport, to escape imprisonment by corrupt local officials, to pay for medical expenses, and so on. He also uses the same themes used successfully by many scammers.

A few foreigners (often prompted by Patrick) have written to say he’s a nice guy, that they have met him and he was helpful. But we know he is always begging online and have many reliable reports of this including from this admin. He seems to be off the gay dating sites at the moment although you can find him on facebook where he calls himself Bruce Fening Kruger.

Also see this facebook discussion for evidence on how he misleads. Interesting that Petit (found elsewhere on this website) has also given himself this last name.

Interestingly, he has suspended fittest_lad as “i finally got someone on this page and i wanna stay with him foreever” BUT he has kept his other profile on the same site, cute_as_hell, is still active! Expect to get a money request in the first few minutes of conversation and to be cut off if you don’t want to pay!

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