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The charge of murder was dropped to 'manslaughter' and he was finally acquitted with rumours of cover-ups and clandestine government intervention as they were determined to force the pirate radio ships out of business.

The case notes were classified as 'secret' for the next forty odd years but now can be seen at the National Records/Archives Office at Kew- this can all be searched on the net.

This has enabled me to write more webpages and many of them dedicated to my life in the music business- you can find all of this on the Site Map page and via the main Home Page.

My early days were based in my hometown of Southampton and starting out as a ten year old singer in 1958 as the new exciting sounds of Rock and Roll swept into the UK from America.

Iconic television producer Reg Grundy's long-lost daughter is squaring off against his widow over the estimated 5 million estate he left behind.

Grundy passed away on May 6, 2016, at the age of 92, leaving his grieving wife and 'soul mate' Joy, 71, to pick up the pieces.

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He also produced ABBA: The Movie alongside Stig Anderson, and was known to keep his private life out of the public eye.Within a few short years, Reg Calvert had a stable of very talented acts and moved up to Rugby with his pipedream of 'The School Of Rock and Roll' that boosted the stage profiles and groomed these new bands that soon made an impact- The Fortunes and Pinkertons Assorted Colours (Mirror Mirror) amongst their ranks.Screaming Lord Sutch was also part of the Calvert story with Radio Sutch broadcasting offshore in the North Sea- later Radio City.He tried many ways to make a living, including making popcorn and later became a television and radio engineer before he decided to bring 'rock 'n' roll' to England.Hence the great title of this first book and parts two and three will be published later this this year or in 2015.Reg and Dorothy Calvert started out with a little sweet shop and later into popcorn which accompanied the US influences of the music, Coca Cola and part of the fairground culture.

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