The gay dating game rocco reed


Now @IBare All wants to know: What are some of your guilty pleasures? lol I wouldn’t say I feel guilty but I def do a lot of daydreaming about what I wanna do to certain people around me, and I have grown to not hold much back so i just kinda throw it out there sometimes!It has gotten me laid a lot and I have lived out some fantasies too so I can’t complain!College Dudes Tube » XXX Gay Porn Videos » HD Sex Movies » College Dudes Gay Porn Blog » Gay Porn Gay Porn Videos.Easy Gay Porn Tube Videos » Watch Free XXX HD Sex Movies Online » Gy Reality Kings Tube » HD Porn Videos » XXX Sex Movies » HDPorn Tube Men of Montréal Blog » Gay Porn Galleries, Photos & Videos » Loaded Men of Gay Porn » MEN. I do like feedback, but there are a lot of queens out there and you can’t make everyone happy.If I get a rude a mean comment and I see it, I just laugh and move on. Hi…well a little about myself, I mostly like to just live life and have new experiences, I learned at a very young age that nothing last forever and nobody lives forever…so I kind of live my life by that.

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I try not to read too many comments on my work; I’d rather just listen to people who tweet or personally comment me.

I was recruited by someone online, while I was looking for private dancing gigs.

I was stripping and the porn idea was introduced…I thought about it and went for it! It is what it is, I love the lil fucker he is adorable and we have had the opportunity to have some amazing scenes and you’ll see our chemistry on camera.

I think we are all regular people, some of us just have different careers.

Dating in the industry is hard, especially anything too serious. Well, then again, I really can’t imagine, but that’s why you don’t see too many porn couples, I assume.

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