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In fig.106 we show the title page of a book called 'THE MIRROR OF THE SPANISH TYRANNY' allegedly first published in 1596. && THEY COMPOSE 'THE ANCIENT SOURCES' Where do we know the works of the 'ancient' writers from? Technically he touches upon only the sources concerning the history of the church.The Duke of Alba and Don Juan of Austria were depicted as the main tyrants 'brutally supressing progress'. But the great majority of the mediaeval texts, in one way or another concerned church history. In [1v], ch..1 and [Ts RIM], ch.9 we tell about the excavations in Central Russia conducted by the Romanov archaeologists of the XIX century. The grandiose excavations of 1851-1854 in the Suzdal region WILL BE GREATLY MOURNED BY SCIENCE FOR A LONG TIME and will serve as a dreadful premonition for all the enthusiasts of MASS EXCAVATIONS.

The Western rulers of the XVI century, remaining faithful to the 'Mongol' Empire were declared reactionary.The empty space which was freed up was to be urgently filled up.This filling was taken place in the offices of the historians of the XVII-XVIII cc.The major historical facts – for example, the existence of the Emperor in Europe, the former unity of Europe under his rule, a strong Slavic presence in Europe, etc.– partially remained on the pages of the textbooks.Only vague rumours reached out time and recollections of some numerous mounds along Tver downstream of Volga, the mounds of Uglich, the mounds of Murom, etc. They have all undergone the editing of the XVII-XVIII cc. On the other hand the Old Russian, Turkic and Arabic primary sources occupy only a supportive secondary place in the history science. We are told that you should approach them carefully.

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