The non religious guide to dating and being single


The empty space which was freed up was to be urgently filled up.This filling was taken place in the offices of the historians of the XVII-XVIII cc.But their presentation was significantly distorted [7v1], ch.1.The Western rulers of the XVI century, remaining faithful to the 'Mongol' Empire were declared reactionary.Due to the clear reasons – this is the epoch of the rise of the 'Mongol' Empire.There is almost nothing left from the true history of that epoch in the history textbooks.Alleging, that they have found something nonetheless, though really not a lot. Today we are being cynically told with a wry smile: you see, there are no mounds and opulent burials in Russia, our history is poor, doesn't come close to the history of the West, the East, the North or the South.

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The Duke of Alba and Don Juan of Austria were depicted as the main tyrants 'brutally supressing progress'. But the great majority of the mediaeval texts, in one way or another concerned church history.

THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS were destroyed by the Romanovs administrators. After the main body of the conflicting documents were either destroyed or edited, the 'odd' documents emerging from time to time were interpreted as 'Mediaeval ignorance'.

Nevertheless in the XIX century there was still a lot left. Nefyodov who opened up one mound in the same area and reporting that he counted up to 200 mounds over the distance of 3 versts (0.6629 mile – Tr.)' [305:0], p.93. Needless to say they were all ruthlessly razed to the ground. Until now the main body of the documents which the modern historical version is based on are comprised of the Western-European texts.

This 'Dyak Belo-Rus' (whose name was later on pronounced as Duke Alba-Rus, i.e.

Duke Alva-Rez) was most likely one of the governors of the Empire fighting the Reformation. Bolotov in the 'Lectures on the history of the ancient church' [83].

Any falsifier either consciously or subconsciously uses imagery from the surrounding reality. The great examples of this are the Bibles, see in [6v]. For example the dedication to the Russian Emperor-Khan.

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