Take time to reflect on your dating life and set one small goal for yourself that'll help bring you closer to what you want from your love life in 2018.The #Me Too movement has led to high-profile departures across the business world and a re-examination of workplace processes.'I had to pretend that I started a night shift at 2am to get rid of him, but he offered to walk me to work, so I had to get dressed in my work uniform and pretend to walk to work with him, just to make him go away.

Certaines doivent s'inquietes, Certaines rentrent chez elles, D'autres mentent pour passer leurs journes tranquilles, D'autres encore doivent affront la vrite, Certains sont des malfesants en geurre contre le bien, Et certains sont bon et ils doivent combattre le mal, Six milliards de personnes sur terre, six milliards d'mes.

My happiness should not depend on the state of my relationships.

In 2018, I resolve to become more independent and content with being single.

In the ad industry, which has seen big-name exits such as Gustavo Martinez at JWT, Joe Alexander at The Martin Agency and, just this week, Mike Germano at Vice Media’s Carrot Creative and Ted Royer at Droga5, policies on interoffice dating are getting a new look.

Digiday spoke with a combination of 23 agencies, human resources consultancies and marketers, several of whom asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject, about their existing or nonexistent dating policies.

After telling me that it wasn't going to work out between us, she promptly got up and went to chat up another lad at the bar.

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