Tokyo mew mew dating game

Too long they have hungered when resources were low. Previously titled "Invoking My Pledge" before the rewrite. I will still be working on the original..awhile anyways...added a few more anime and characters...This is an AU story involving a few different anime. Well he does; a few years ago on the anniversary of his parents' deaths he became very depressed & was taken advantage of by some chick & ended up getting knocked up, but never told him. There are two new mew mews and Ryou has been dating one of them for about almost two years now.four orphan girls find four runaway pirates but as it would turn out only three of the pirates are runaways; the forth is a of the girls joins the traitor and turns them in.

One of them doesn’t have a whole lot of psychic powers, but more physical while the other has the psychic powers. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT OWN TOKYO MEW MEW/MEW MEW POWER OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTES! So as you may have guessed this is a rewrite of my original story "A Pirates Life" I've added some DBZ & Sailor Moon Characters to it.

So there will be some changes..characters and character relationships.

So like the original this does not have anything to do with the mew mew project, the sailor scouts or DBZ universe this is just pure fantasy on my part and has to do with a pirate adventure. AUThis is a story about pirates and love and betrayal.

Deep Blue’s death was merely a setback in this righteous crusade for what their people are due.

Too long they have struggled and perished against the unforgiving rock of their new planet. There are a number of secondary OCs as necessary and logical to fill reasonable gaps.

After an unprovoked attack Ryou forms an alliance with the kings of the dog demons; Inuyasha, King of the North and West & Sesshomaru, King of the South & East.

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