Tokyo mew mew dating game

PLEASE NOTE I DON'T OWN TOKYO MEW MEW/MEW MEW POWER OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS! Ryou’s Seed is about Ryou and Ichigo having a steamy, romantic night, one night; which results in Ichigo becoming pregnant. What’ll happen when the older girls are all pent up with their men not there to help them? PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT OWN TOKYO MEW MEW OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS! Soon, the two start to fall in love and also enemies of the angel's family soon comes to find her and take her as their prisoner…It is when the first enemy appears that the boy finds out the true power of the rose & of his own.

It is said when a human touches, in his case catches, an angel, they get unimaginable powers. Yeah…drawing a blank on what to call this one…twins Makenzie and Mikayla or Kenzie and Miki are two girls with a troubled past.


I JUST CLAIM THE STORY AND CHARACTERS I CREATE Why Can’t I Have Both is an AU about Ryou, a young cat demon King wanting two brides.

Deep Blue’s death was merely a setback in this righteous crusade for what their people are due.

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No longer will they be forced below the surface to shelter from storms.So as it turns out Courage is not Wesley’s real last name; turns out he was kidnapped when he was two or three.He also just learned that he has a younger half sister that he gets custody of her; and her and her two friends, plus three others are mew mews.After an unprovoked attack Ryou forms an alliance with the kings of the dog demons; Inuyasha, King of the North and West & Sesshomaru, King of the South & East.Inuyasha is engaged to Kagome; his one and only love..Too long they have hungered when resources were low. Previously titled "Invoking My Pledge" before the rewrite. I will still be working on the original..awhile anyways...added a few more anime and characters...

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