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Programmes are bought outside the stadium.' Food available on the concourse includes an interesting range of pies from the Piglets Pantry Company (although the bottom of mine was burnt, but I won't hold that against them....); Steak and ' Concrete Cow' Ale, Chicken Gammon and Leek, Spinach Ricotta and Mushrooms (all £3.60).

In keeping with the infamous concrete cows of Milton Keynes, the Club have a mascot called Mooie, whilst the South Stand is called the 'cowshed'.

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The concourses are spacious and offer a good range of food.After passing under a railway bridge, you will see both these venues on the right hand side.Please note though it is then a good 35-40 minute walk to the stadium.This generous allocation has led to some huge away followings at Stadium: MK in recent years, which has led to some memorable away days.For example in 2014 Wolverhampton Wanderers had almost 9,000 fans in attendance. The stadium also has such creature comforts as big ' Emirates Style' comfy seats and the ability to continue to watch the game in progress, whilst eating a burger on the concourse.Guy Plumb adds; ' There is also Fenny Stratford which is located a mile south of the stadium along Watling Street.

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