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It certainly now looks a large and imposing stadium, one that is worthy of football at a higher level.

It is two tiered, with on three sides having a large lower tier being over hung by a smaller upper tier.

The stadium also has electronic turnstiles, so no paying at the gate here.

All fans are searched on entering the stadium and flags are not allowed in unless they come with their fire certificate!

After passing under a railway bridge, you will see both these venues on the right hand side.

Please note though it is then a good 35-40 minute walk to the stadium.

As in my opinion it is a 'cut above' some other new comparable stadiums, in terms of quality and standards of spectator facilities.

From the outside it has a modern look, with good use of silver coloured cladding and a large amount of glass on view.

Alan Burgess a visiting Sheffield Wednesday fan adds; 'the seating is marvelous both for comfort and leg room, the concourses very impressive and the sight lines fantastic.

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