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Yahoo Messager, just as its name suggests, it’s designed for communicating through messages via Internet. Now it’s more than a program that mainly features as text messaging, it also comes with other cutting-edge functions such as sharing photos, making video chat, transferring files, etc.

Among them, video calling capability gains great popularity.

However, the problem is which video chat program to choose.

Keep reading for a comprehensive understanding of these applications and pick the one you like.

The most desirable way to record video chat is by using Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.

With it, you’re allowed to record the screen and audio simultaneously in a click.

While making video calls, you can even personalize the screen with some funny annotations.

Sending free text messages is also applicable on this application.

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As one of the key features of Google , Google Hangouts is a great communication service that available for one-on-on text/video chat and group chats. And the video conference even supports the integration of third-party tools like Slideshare.Now, making phone calls and online video chats are the primary way we communicate.While, in comparison to a simple phone call, making video chat on PC is favorably received.Besides, this video chat application also comes with features like screen sharing, instant messaging, live broadcast of video conferencing and even more. Created by Citrix, Go To Meeting is a web conferencing software that also features as screen sharing, meeting recording, HD video conferencing and even more.It brings much convenience for businessmen by meeting clients, customers via Internet in real time. After free 30 day trial, you need to cost /Per Month to purchase this video chat software.Start from 2003, Skype is the most widely used Internet phone service with more than 600 million registered users.

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