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Trina also addressed the slander that she received from fans and critics after doing a tribute to her fellow female rapstress Nicki Minaj during the BMI Awards in NYC last month, complete with a blonde wig and Nicki-esque get up. Trina hit the stage at the BMI Awards last month to pay tribute to BMI honorees Cash Money Records, where she dressed as Nicki Minaj and performed her hit song “Moment For Life,” garnering more than a few sideeyes from fans and critics confused as to why she would pay homage to Nicki. I feel like people are so quick to say stuff before they know exactly what’s going on, and it makes you look a little stupid.

She had this to say about the response to her “all Nicki everything” performance. I get the whole fact of when you do a tribute to somebody, people have always felt like it’s somebody you pay homage to that’s been in the game for a hundred years or so.

The friend that I have the keys to your house still right now today, that kind of friend." And, unfortunately, French didn't actually have a conversation with her when he started dating Khloe. It was all over the internet, it was all over my Twitter, my Instagram," Trina revealed.

"It’s a little surprising when you’re living with somebody and they’re running around with somebody else.

On French Montana dating rumors: “I’m not a couple with nobody.

French Montana is an amazing person; he’s a great person, he’s been a great inspiration to me since he came into my life as far as working, business, career.

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First of all, she says they were never in a "relationship" -- but, they were close enough for her to have keys to French's house, and close enough for him to stay at her house in Miami whenever he was in town.

I guess when people see you with somebody, they automatically think that you’re together.

If we were together, if we become together, I think you guys would know.” On what she’s looking for in a relationship: I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I’m not looking for somebody to date – I’m not a dater, I never was good at dating, but if I decide to get into something, then you’ll know. A husband, a family, a life beyond everything that I’ve lived in my life, and that’s where I am in my life where that’s concerned. So it sounds like maybe French just wasn’t trying to step up to the plate and make Trina wifey….still wouldn’t be surprised to hear them give it another shot in the near future though.

I don’t feel like rules should really apply; it wasn’t about that. Cash Money is a very prominent and very successful record company that’s been around for a long time, and Baby and Slim, that’ s like, I’ve been known them for years, so it’s like family.

And to honor them and pay tribute towards them, I thought it was just amazing.

The hip hop rumor mill has been swirling all year with talk that Bad Boy rapper and NYC native French Montana is coupled up with thicky-thick Miami rapstress Trina.

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