Ts post op sex dating


(hint: it’s because she has/had one)Most male-to-female transgenders will choose a stripper sounding name or something just a couple notches removed from a name you might call standard.

I’m not entirely sure what that last one says but I know it ain’t good.

As you may have guessed, this is typically one of the best ways to spot original gender.

Although there are surgeries that can shave the Adam’s Apple, this remains one of the best ways to identify a ladyboy.

But, honey, Morgan is the kind of woman who looks ahead.

She sits on her couch and barks with the deep tone of a grizzled drill sergeant: “Kids! ” Next, she nimbly switches to a tone she’s had voice lessons for — what her teacher calls the lilting sound of a woman. She closes her eyes, raises her voice four octaves to the top of her range and croons the song she calls a transgender anthem.

Therapy as well as surgery are paid through her insurance.

On this day, there is a huge grin on Morgan’s face.

I’m swiping through profiles making split second decisions. This was my first experience matching (and unmatching) with a trans.

Within one millisecond I can determine if the first picture I see contains pixels arranged in such a way that makes my penis happy. It’s gone on to happen about ten times since then so I no longer freak out. At the time of this writing, it is still fairly common for a transgendered person to have the courtesy of some way informing you of their status before you actually meet them.

So I promise, without TMI — too much information — let’s figuratively pull back the covers and learn a little bit more about life for the estimated 1.6 million transgender people in the United States.

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