Tvxq dating on earth cast Webcam with no sign up required


It's not enough for me since they had very limited duration to show their love. If you haven't watched this drama..are you doing??? I find myself crying every damn episode, it was just emotional and fun. I can't describe how great this drama is, but this drama is the most frequent drama I've ever watched ( I watched it maybe more than 5x).

The story itself made me reminiscent of my past and that's something everyone can truly relate to. It makes me understand how parents feel to their children, see them grow up and have to let them go when they have found their path.

The family dynamic was very real and I don't get emotional for makebeliefs but this drama really got me in the gut. The final episode gets me bawling when the families dispersed, reminds me of my youth separating from closeknitted families and friends from the same era as the drama.

Dong-Ryong likes dancing and hanging out with his 4 friends.I'm having a hard time moving on from this drama because of how much i love it!!!!! But after all, I still couldnt move on from Junghwan. I am watching it with my husband and this drama makes our relationship better. There's one thing i dont like about this drama is so little time or scene for romantic duk-sun. I want to see more of duksun lovey dovey scene with her partner.I watched this drama because of Park Bogum at first, and now I couldn't move on from Jung Hwan. I love Taek, but it tears me up seeing Jung Hwan broken into pieces. Fortunately, I watched this drama after they're officially dating. If you did it like that pd nim is like she forcing her love.So it saves both side, Duk seon ended up together with Taek in drama, Dukseon dates Jung hwan in real life. Anyway this drama is so great you will be hard to move on.Someone must have told the cast and crew this would be their swansong work ever because everyone brought their A-game.They describe how a perfect strong little friendship in a little neighborhood can impact their life.

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