Two many fish dating


Fish with compressed shapes have flat, vertical bodies, with one eye on each side. They usually live in reefs where their flat bodies can slip in and out among the corals, sponges, and rocks, keeping hidden from predators. The fishes that people eat most include carp, cod, herring, perch, sardines, sturgeon, tilapia, trout, tuna, and many others.Angelfish, surgeonfish, and butterflyfish are all compressed fish. A person who buys and sells fishes for eating is called a fishmonger.The oxygen supply has to be constant because these fibres only operate aerobically.They are red because they have a rich blood supply, and they contain myoglobin.However, there are also species which move mainly using their median and paired fins.

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There are exceptions, but this is usually done by the fish contracting muscles on either side of its body in order to generate waves of flexion that travel the length of the body from nose to tail, generally getting larger as they go along.

Most fishes generate thrust using lateral movements of their body & tail fin (caudal fin).

They also make short, fast bursts using white muscle.

The two types of muscle have a fundamentally different physiology.

This is because streamlined body shapes makes the water drag less. Fishes with fusiform shapes can chase prey and escape predators quickly.

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