Uday chopra dating

A new lady has entered in his life and Uday is extremely excited with it.

The actor shared the news along with a snap on the social media platform a day before.“Here's a pic of my current girlfriend…let's see if the tabloids pick this up," the 32-year old actor wrote on Twitter.

New Delhi: ‘Rockstar' actress Nargis Fakhri who was till now holidaying with Chopra scion Uday Chopra is now reportedly dating ‘Slumdog Millionaire' actor Dev Patel.

According to reports the actors were spotted dining together at a posh eatery in South Mumbai.

In an exclusive conversation with Indian Express.com, Nargis spoke about Azhar, Uday Chopra and marriage. In the film from what I know, he was a smooth…you know(pauses). Do you identify with Sangeeta’s character in real life? After I signed the contract, I got to know he was known as the serial kisser.

When you have had a relationship and when someone’s cheated on you, you make a vow that you would never do that to anyone else no matter what. So whoever is going to marry me is going to laugh till he dies. Even when I have a fight, I will make a joke and people will laugh. So, we should take advantage of living our lives to the fullest before we think of settling down with a dude and being in the kitchen because I won’t be cooking any rotis. Also I will be making rotis but only for myself.(laughs) Tell us, are you really dating Uday Chopra? He is the most amazing human being who I have ever met in my entire life not just in India but around the world.

Going by the pictures that have surfaced on social networking sites Instagram, it looks like a broken-hearted Dev has found comfort in his new friend Nargis.

Dev recently parted ways with his girlfriend Freida Pinto, after a committed relationship of six years.

New Delhi: The Chopra scion Uday has been consistent in taking a jab over his own relationship status and he has done it again. I pride myself on my personilty and not my looks because one day I will be old and crusty with a moustache and someone is going to love me for my personality and not looks. We are independent, can choose our career make our own money and choose when want to marry and have kids which can also happen at later age. Even if I do I will have to take Indian cooking classes because Indian cuisine is my favourite cuisine. Uday Chopra is a person who will be a part of my life for the rest of my life. As a glamour diva, how secure are you about your place in the industry? If you get to know me, you will see that I am so dorky and weird. She loves cracking jokes and knows the man who she will marry will end up laughing for the rest of life. But why do you think Cricket and Bollywood click often? These two professions Bollywood and the sports space are romantic in their own ways. Are you saying that you are open to the idea of having an affair with a married man in future? I am very loyal on my decisions on how I want to live with my life and my morals and values for myself. But whatever I do, I know how sensitive I am and I am very sensitive to other people as well. If anyone is his friend that person is lucky to have him in his life. While that man could or couldn’t be Uday Chopra, she is sure that the latter will be a part of her life forever. Two people who are busy working and always in the limelight seek to see each other and it becomes exciting and romantic. In the movie, we touch on every aspect of Azhar’s life and not just his cricketing career. How was it locking lips with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi? I think the situation then (between Azhar and Sangeeta) must have been that of a lot of love and lust. Well, yes because I never met the person and saw only videos, I didn’t think much about. Alonzo hit the headlines when he filmed and edited Lil Wayne’s 2008 concert that received over 10 million Youtube views.

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