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For more information, please contact: Indonesian Packaging Federation / IPF Tel.

(021) 744 1775 Irma : 0812-4261-7703 Mualif : 0816-780-818 Didi: 0813-8031-3154 or email to: [email protected] workshop is designed to give more understanding of of various packaging materials, applications, trends & development of packaging.

For more information, please contact: Growing middle class drives higher packaging consumption The Indonesian Packaging Federation’s Business Development Director, Ariana Susantisaid that the growing middle class was driving greater consumption of packaging in Indonesia.

One has to look at the requirements of a carpenter from the angle of costing, the vendor who should be able to supply, then the brand owner who looks at total profitability and product safety.

We would like to inform you that IPF organizing a series parallel packaging workshop as above For more information, please find attached the brochures.

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Please find attached the brochures For more information, please contact: Indonesian Packaging Federation / IPF Phone / Fax : 021-744 1775 Email to: [email protected] : 0812-9716-3842 Mualif : 0816-780-818 Didi : 0813-8031-3154 Kami yakin bahwa di Indonesia masih banyak produk-produk pengemasan yang memiliki potensi besar dalam inovasi desain.

This workshop will cover all business aspects and concept of packaging,:developments, quality and improvements for consumer product and distribution, include packaging project examples & case study.

This program is created not only for packaging experts but also the representative from industries, such as: Brand Owner, Executives, Packaging specialist, NPD, QA/QC, R&D, Exporters, Importers, Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, and Marketing Manager who are involve in packaging.

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