Updating boot support

regularly performs a battery check and updates status to your phone.If Monimoto encounters network issues or batteries are drained and periodic check cannot be performed you will be notified about that in the app.In order to ensure continuous and proper operation of the MONIMOTO device and uninterrupted service, it is the responsibility of the User to make sure that: (i) the product is properly installed, and (ii) there is constant internet or GSM connection and electrical supply (low battery must be replaced in time).If you experience difficulty during the installation or subsequent use of the system, you may contact “Monimoto, UAB” distributor or dealer in your country/region.

Monimoto is intended to be placed inside your vehicle in order to track it down in case of a theft.Please note that extra charges may apply depending on your plan and 2G/3G service provider!To obtain warranty service, you may return a defective system to your original point of purchase, or the authorized “Monimoto UAB” dealer or the distributor from which you purchased the MONIMOTO product.This is the Monimoto device packed with GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and other smart tech inside.It also contains micro-sized SIM card and two CR123A type batteries.If you answer the first time Monimoto calls it will not call second time and this will result in quicker delivery of the Monimoto location data to the app.

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