Updating boot support

Monimoto KEY is not supposed to be used as a key chain and should be kept separate from your motorcycle keys – in your pocket or backpack. Pay attention to battery sides when inserting it into the KEY. Please also note that Monimoto is not a ‘real time’ device.This will prevent you from loosing the linked KEY in case your motorcycle keys are stolen. It does not have a permanent connection with the GSM network.In order to ensure continuous and proper operation of the MONIMOTO device and uninterrupted service, it is the responsibility of the User to make sure that: (i) the product is properly installed, and (ii) there is constant internet or GSM connection and electrical supply (low battery must be replaced in time).

Be sure to add that number to your contacts with the appropriate name so you recognize it immediately in case of alarm.

Search “monimoto” in App Store or Google Play Store or click the button: Download the Monimoto app and install it on your smartphone.

Run the Monimoto app and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions that will guide through the setup process.

regularly performs a battery check and updates status to your phone.

If Monimoto encounters network issues or batteries are drained and periodic check cannot be performed you will be notified about that in the app.

Just hit the “answer” button and the call will end.

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