Updating clause used to know


We all suspected him (to learn) it before and (to try) to conceal it from us. They were all busy (to unpack) the books and (to put) them on the shelves. (to hear) the news she ran over to the telephone to inform Gerald at once.

11.1 spent'the rest of the time in the hall of the Station Hotel (to write) letters. You can help me (to give) a piece cf good advice, you're old enough to know it better. (to discuss) the plan ourselves we decided to consult Mike's eldest brother who in our eyes was an expert.

12, She arose, but before she had time to get out of the room a loud rapping began upon the front door. He began tidying the cabin, putting away his clothes and straightening the bed. I have only a candle to see by, so I trust you will excuse my bad writing. He reached his rooms at midnight so exhausted that, without waiting to light up, he dropped into a chair. He said he was looking forward to meeting you again. And the worst of it is that I shall go on doing exactly I was going to do in the first place. There was the splashing of big drops on large leaves and a faint stirring and shaking in the bush.

Her father took no notice of her comings and gomgs.

Nobody knew that they had agreed to take part in the expedition.

It's all too easy to gloss over the details when it comes to ADO–details such as how ADO sometimes adds fields to your query, marking them as "hidden" and for its own use.

At every school she went to she learned drawing, besides (to teach) by her father at home.

11.1 went out for a while (to give) the boy the prescribed capsules.

Maybe you don't want to know exactly how ADO updates a database when you make changes through a recordset. The children had to help (to sweep) and (to clean) the rooms and (to wash up) after meals. The doctor left three different medicines with instructions (to give) them. You can improve your pronunciation (to read) aloud. I dislike the idea (to spend) a holiday with hundreds of other people. 4.1 don't like being lied to — and that, I think, is what you are trying to do. It's silly of me, but I can't help feeling anxious. The silence was broken by the sound of a door (to lock).

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