Updating eee pc 900 Depe adult free cam2cam

but for day to day stuff when you need to travel it’s fantastic.Another useful tip: I use the SD slot for a 8 gig SDHC card for my documents which can be shared amongst the other PCs/Laptops I work on.To prevent this, update the BIOS, which is the software your motherboard uses as the liaison between the operating system and hardware.Panasonic provides free BIOS updates for their Toughbook line of computers.It has turned out as one of the better IT investments in my lifetime.

Mines running XP, with Office 2007 installed with no problems.Download the latest jupiter and jupiter-support-eee RPM packages from Source Forge.In an effort to squeeze some extra performance out of my trusty Asus Eee PC 900 I finally got around to upgrading the memory from the standard 1GB DDR2-400 to 2GB DDR2-667.Internet rumors go around Windows 7 on EEEPc so we have done that and one task is to update the bios with the 2204 version 26/10/2009.We have used a USB SD Card Reader and a 512Megabyte MMC Card with its SD adapter but in general every old SD (FAT16) should be ok Here are the steps: 1) Download the bios from EEEPc Asus Site and unzip it. ROM but you have to rename it to 1000to be able to use it 2) Insert your USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader and format it as FAT16 then copy the file 1000onto it 3) Make sure your 1000H is powered off, no USB Device is plugged, it is running on power supply and the battery is fully charged.Here are the most recent bios updates for the 2g 4G and 8G eee pcs.

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