Updating gridview control

You can also configure the Grid View control to display a Delete button that users can click to delete the corresponding record from the data source.

The Grid View control can automatically perform editing and deleting operations with its associated data source, which allows you to enable editing behavior without writing code.

Maybe I should try putting the button outside the panel and see if that works. Whats interesting is that if I add a line of code to the button click handler to update another textbox inside the update panel, the panel and gridview refresh and I see records in there. It turns out I was picking up the search text from the original box the whole time, which never changed, lol....

The thing is that I need the contents of the search box to be sent in the partial postback, and that is why the button is in there as well (it seats right next to the box, lol...) I also tried setting the Children As Triggers property to true, but no luck. What doesn't make sense is that according to my understanding of the update panel, if something inside that update panel triggers a callback, then the panel should refresh.

By default, the Grid View control displays data in read-only mode.

However, the control also supports an edit mode in which it displays a row that contains editable controls such as Text Boxor Check Boxcontrols.

Alternatively, you can control the process of editing and deleting data programmatically, such as in cases where the Grid View control is bound to a read-only data source control.

For more information about the Grid View control, see Grid View Web Server Control Overview in the MSDN library.

With the Grid View control, you can display, edit, and delete data from many different kinds of data sources, including databases, XML files, and business objects that expose data.This modal popup is meant to work as a "Lookup Box".Here is where it gets weird: I have a textbox that will open up the modal popup when someone hits the enter key, copy its text to the search textbox inside the updatepanel and fire the click event of the search button.By using a combination of a data source control that encapsulates data access and controls that display records in an editable format, you can create a data entry page that allows users to edit existing records or insert new ones, all without any code.A Visual Studio project with source code is available to accompany this topic: Download.You can specify the layout, color, font, and alignment of the Grid View control's rows.

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