Updating itunes library missing songs


I've used i Tunes for many years when listening with my i Phone, but had always kept Microsoft Music Player as my default music player on my laptop.

With a Microsoft OS, I thought keeping them in a MS folder was the safest place to store the files.

But seriously, apart from not giving more details, i Tunes losing files is a critical bug.

Losing i Tunes database isn't so critical because you can always rebuild, but personal files is another matter.

For instructions, see Restore files from the Crash Plan app version 4.8.4 and later.

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As long as the i Tunes XML file is up to date, the correct information should be imported.

The only music that survived the upgrade were files that were purchased through i Tunes or Amazon.

The music that I had uploaded from CDs through the years, which were stored in the previous "My Music" folder in Documents, are simply gone.

If you've added music to your i Tunes library by ripping a CD, or importing MP3 files then you'll probably have songs that need artwork.

This short tutorial will show you how you can use the i Tunes Store to download missing album art.

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