Updating malwarebytes


Don't remember F-prot, but then again I was supposed to be concentrating on VMS, not MS-DOS. It's whether they get caught before they do the intended damage is the real question. The idea is not to get infected in the first place.

All the ransomware/file-encryption programs can be very financially nasty, particularly if you don't have have up-to-date backups. The later are design to replicate and flourish by passing from one system to the other. If you have a decent ISS, configured correctly, regularly updated and scanning and use the Internet via a limited account, with care and suspicion, even view mail with links and/or attachments with suspicion (- contact your financial institution if not sure), it's likely that you'll be reasonably safe. These people would need to segregate/isolate their wild/less suspicious times – perhaps to another machine that can be rebuilt when it becomes unusable. Also if you want to take a risk, don't do it on your PC or Laptop you use for important things.

The shop said that that would update the anti-virus to the current version.

Most AV companies have had '2016' versions out for months, or they've moved away from using years for software versions.

Usually you can just download and install the latest version, and activate using the license key included with the purchased product.

On Windows 10.1 I'm currently just using Windows Defender because for some reason AVG was not playing nicely.

Detected everything I threw at it, excellent performance, negligible system impact, recommended.

(multiple engines, cloud only) it is designed as a companion AV and nil issues with Win10.

Useful Links: Please use the Virus Removal Help thread if you need assistance in removing a virus.

I suspect that the computer I use at work probably has a keylogger installed.

Could you recommend an online, free, and reliable tool to detect keylogger?

However I'm looking at getting a complimenting AV what do people suggests plays best with Windows 10 and is close to best in class in terms of threat detection?

https:// Malware Recently tested the premium version but also noted they have a free version which I have not installed.

I suspect that I got keylogger installed from a work partner.

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