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Using the detailed pdf you kindly provided, I have a couple of questions...Step 3.6 – I deleted ALL the contents (files AND directories). Step 4.5 – When I select ‘Reinstall Software on your Navman’, it says the installer patch file is missing, and asks 'Do you wish to download the latest installer patch file'. com/AU/1110_5002/Map Data_NTAU1_v1110_5002Is that strictly true? Can't I use the Map Data_NTAU1_v1110_5002(217,906 KB) that I previously downloaded?ps, my unit has been registered.pss, phone support kindly emailed me the 2mb '4WD Installation (with error).pfd' but it does not match my symptoms.Thanks, Flange arketing/EDM/Loss-of-POIs-and-4I don't think that was the document that phone support sent to you, was it?If you're considering one of Navman's MY60T, MY65T or MY75T units, Navman is currently offering free map updates for 36 months.In addition, there's a discount on those units.

Kind Regards, Navman Support Thanks for your prompt reply!You will need this tool if your device doesn't accept the size of the new update.You can add and remove countries speedcam data to your current setup.The navman phone helpdesk asked me to send the device to the service center to be repaired, instead I went to the store I purchased the device from and asked for a replacement navman. Can anybody please provide advice on how to install the 2011, q4 update on my navman.Hi, Have been reading some of the Navman posts on this forum and seeing a great level of support thanks.I have read some FAQs about reinstalling the unit software,but I wonder whether I should first try reinstalling My Desk onto Windows from the cd?

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