Updating maps on navman


I activated it and uploaded it to my unit via My Desk.But I don't see the green '4WD Tracks' applet on my unit.If you've never updated the maps on your GPS device the cost might come as a bit of a shock.If you're not already eligible for free updates, it could cost you in the order of 0 or more.If you're considering one of Navman's MY60T, MY65T or MY75T units, Navman is currently offering free map updates for 36 months.In addition, there's a discount on those units.Let us know if that helps or if you have any other questions.Kind Regards, Navman Support Thanks for your prompt reply!

I'm using Navdesk 7.30.0113.178 which is the latest, when I went to the website I noticed something curious, there is no 2011 updated listed for my model.

I called the Navman phone support line and they advised that the update is not listed because for Australia the map should download automatically (which it hasn't after many attempts).

I manually downloaded the map "mapdata_ntau1_1105_5007.iso", I actually downloaded the map update for three devices in the "MY" series similar to mine, after running a checksum on all three files I confirmed they were the same, so it's a safe assumption it would be the right map for my device, this was confirmed by Navman phone support, When I try installing the map manually it tells me it's locked and asks for a serial number.

My 85XLT unit seems to work just fine except for the missing applet,but the last couple of times I have connected it to My Desk their have been various complaints.

One message was that my Australia map had expired with a blank date.

I have read some FAQs about reinstalling the unit software,but I wonder whether I should first try reinstalling My Desk onto Windows from the cd?

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