Updating pes 2016

Oh ya, Datapack 3.00 with content Euro 2016 has also been added to PTE Patch 5. you know.

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Select Logo and then Load to replace the default logo with your spangly official one. From the Competitions menu you can also choose if the teams representing that competition have the logos plastered on the arms of the their shirts to give it that extra touch of authenticity.

That means, all activities of the transfer is not allowed to do.

The majority of the updates are on a cosmetic level.

15 new international kits are being updated for the clubs that will feature prominently in the UEFA Euro 2016 competition, including hosts France along with Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Iceland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Albania, England, Portugal and Wales.

But it’s not just a facelift that players are getting, the form and stats are getting a big update.

KONAMI patches players ratings on a weekly basis based on real life form, but Data Pack 3 is updating the ratings of over 1400 players in PES 2016.

The likes of Jamie Vardy, who has had a phenomenal season with Leicester City, will see big increases to their stats to reflect how they played over the course of the past year.

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