Updating server extensions

For a template which has been customized: In this case, you cannot upload and install the new template file directly because the changes made to the old template will be overwritten if you do so.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for this situation.

Note that not all Joomla extensions can be updated with the built-in updater.

As the updater needs to connect to a remote update server to download the update files, only those extensions with an update server location included in the file can be updated automatically.

In the Extension Manager, under the Install link there is an Update option which manages the extension updates.

On the screen, Joomla shows a list of the extensions, plugins and packages with available updates.

You can also have dynamic forms and database using PHP, XHTML, and . In your web design, you can also have inbuilt and downloadable extensions.

This feature is great to save your time since you don not have to build this functionality from the scratch.

You can use the search box to find the extension you want, and then install it quickly by clicking on the “Install” button. Note that this feature is only designed for extension installation and does not apply to templates.

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In Joomla, you can install templates and extensions in an easy way, but things are trickier for updating them.

Fortunately, many commercial extensions also support the feature now, so there should be no big problem if you are using a popular extension.

In the case that you are not very sure, visit the extension developer’s site to find a solution.

Updating a Joomla template falls into two possibilities: updating a customized template, and updating one with no custom changes.

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