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You can also have dynamic forms and database using PHP, XHTML, and . In your web design, you can also have inbuilt and downloadable extensions.

This feature is great to save your time since you don not have to build this functionality from the scratch.

Install from Directory This option is for large templates and extensions which cannot be uploaded with the method above due to the PHP upload file size limitation.

When you have downloaded such an extension/template, you have to extract them locally and then upload the folder to the server with FTP or File Manager.

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In Joomla, you can install templates and extensions in an easy way, but things are trickier for updating them.

Install from URL For this option, you only need to give a download URL, and then the extension/template will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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Promoting WYSIWYG in web design, Dreamweaver will deliver valid HTML/XHTML code for an easy use.For a template whose core files have not been changed: In the case that you have made no changes to the template files, you can update the template in the same way as the installation: downloading the new template zip file, and then uploading it under the “Upload Package File” tab in Extension Manager.When the uploading and installation are done, a message will appear telling you that the template is updated successfully.Updating a Joomla template falls into two possibilities: updating a customized template, and updating one with no custom changes.For the two situations, the solutions are different.After completing these tasks, fill the path of the folder in the box after “Install Directory” and click on “Install”.

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