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This paper will investigate IT and corporate governance structural model in IT projects in relation to case studies of failed projects (DIA baggage and One Tel) using a qualitative analysis to identify the problem domain within the structure.

Presently, COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) and the VSM (Viable System Model) are the most popular frameworks in IT projects.

This would enable the creation of an evolutionary governance model that can be adopted by any organizational structure to handle its IT projects effectively.

In addition, also to analyze different case studies of failed IT projects with the aim of extracting relevant information concerning its governance.

The results will be critically evaluated and assessed to produce a prescriptive model for IT project governance.

Keywords: IT (Information Technology), IS (Information Systems), Project Management, Project Governance, Decision Support The 21st century has witnessed a sharp increase in the use of IS/IT in many organizations.

However, its growing importance has led to complexities in governing and managing IT projects.

In the research journal by Sharma et al (2009), two main questionable areas were addressed for conducting the study.

A question to answer is selecting the right governance model, how IT governance should share its decisions, responsibilities among IT and client departments (Marhawa & Wilmots 2006).

According to Mahring (2002), project governance choices can alienate project decision rights from the expertise, which might be necessary for effectively exercising them.

Thus, IT projects are becoming more complex to handle due to the rigid governance structure applied to oversee its activities, often leading to bad decision making during the project life cycle (Pirson & Turnbull 2011).

Many of these decisions have led to delays in project completion and wasteful investments.

Also, the evolution of IT has become global where most organizations are tapping from the technology.

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