Using and validating the strategic alignment model avison


BIS4430 SUBMISSION The aim of this paper is to identify the various governance models used by different types of organizations (functional, matrix, project-based, virtual etc.) in handling Information Technology (IT) and software development processes.The negative impact it has on monitoring, managing and delivering a successful project.They are used in both models (IT and Corporate) to manage governance of IT projects.

For this reason, many companies now rely heavily on IT for their survival and success in the business world (Thambain 2004).

To identify the weakness of the governance structures (Corporate and IT governance) in terms of decision making, controlling and effective management.

The reason for choosing corporate, project based and IT governance model is because they are the most common model in use in today’s business world.

Research has shown that organizations have to evolve a framework to enable them choose an appropriate governance model for IT project management relating to their level of projectization (Muller 2009).

This is to foster a good quality in delivery and to ensure real economic implementations of governance structures for project management.

Moreover, it will allow us gain more insight into creating a generic model that will encompass IT projects as the governance of projects is moving towards a global approach.

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