Validating forms in dreamweaver cs3

The PHP file will contain a link to a verification image, the link to image is actually a link to a php file named 'verificationimage.php' generating the image, users will have to fill the image code inside a form field once with the other message contents (subject, sender email, etc) then click submit, if the code in the image is not correct then the message is not sent and the user is asked to fill the image verification code (captcha) again, the other form fields remain filled.

If the form has been filled correctly then the user will be redirected to a 'successful thankyou' page named 'mailer.php'.

We configured the form to include the IP address, email address, name of person and comments.

The contact form uses three PHP files and your webhost must support PHP.

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When a visitor clicks this hyperlink, a page element appears or fades away (the Appear/Fade effect), and a new browser window opens.

By adding behaviors, you can make your Web pages do things like: For instance, say that, when a visitor clicks a link, instead of just sending them to another page, you want a new browser window to pop up and load that linked page.

In this case, the HTML tag is the link itself—an tag; the When people visit a Web page, they do more than just read it—they interact with it, in all sorts of ways.

Easy Instructions: Open the file named 'mailer.php', switch to code view and then copy the code from line 1 to line 33 and paste it to the very top of your redirect html page just before the Doc type info, replace the default email adrress for your own and rename the file as

(small programs) written in the Java Script programming language.

The captcha script on the contact form generates a unique security code that only a human can enter manually and if they get it wrong, the script generates another code.

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