Validating the organizational vision mission and values statements

It soon gets dried up and evaporates in thin air if not channelized or institutionalized.

Hence importance of clearly defined VMVs can't be undermined due to lack of efforts in institutionalizing the same.

It correspondingly measures the strengths and weaknesses of the business’s management and organizational arrangement.

Lastly, it compares the establishment’s preceding accomplishments and customary apprehensions with the establishment’s present competences in effort to categorize the business’s imminent competences.

What if one person plans to spot eagles, another is looking for lakefront property, and a third hopes to catch anything that will pull on the line, while you are there for sun and leisure?

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The Vision, Mission and Values Statements provide a clear indication of the very purpose of your organization.

The time invested in defining vision, mission, and values not only help in communicating the purpose of our business but also helps in validating the strategic assumptions and rallying the team around a common cause.

Imagine that you have a rare weekend without any professional responsibilities: no papers to grade, no lessons to plan, no activities to cover.

All the great organizations of today had at some point in past articulated clear vision, mission and values as a strong foundation for their organization strategy and developed processes to integrate them in their culture.

It is highly recommended that every entrepreneur must start journey towards their big idea through clear definition of vision, mission and values.

With a couple of word substitutions, you could ask those bulleted questions of any leadership team or department in your school.

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