Vb validating event

Currency Manager, By Val row Num As Integer) As Object Dim int Value As Integer int Value = CInt(My Base.At the end of the sample is showed how to use it Be aware this is a Tip for a Windows Forms Data Grid not a Data Grid View Public Class Data Grid Combo Box Column Inherits Data Grid Text Box Column Public With Events Column Combo Box As No Key Up Combo 'special class Private With Events cm Source As Currency Manager Private m Row Num As Integer Private is Editing As Boolean Shared Sub New() End Sub Public Sub New() My Base.I would think it odd to have those up/down arrows on an input field where I am expected to enter a number in thousands or millions, like dollar amounts.Hide() End Sub Protected Overrides Function Get Column Value At Row(By Val source As System.Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums.

The ability to store values that are different from displayed text is inherited from List Control.

I registered my function on the datepickers blur event now differently, using the edit event on the grid (when the datepicker is created).

This works better than my previous solution and solves the issue for me.

It works, if I type in a number and then press enter-key or tab-key or click outside the gid.

Does the validation works different by clicking on the grid and hitting the enter/tab key, ?

What I would suggest you is to incorporate the same logic used in this how-to demo: On blur just apply the custom logic and update the widget's value whenever it is needed.

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