Venus and mars dating

Moon - Mars embodies an undeniable quality of lustiness.Venus - Jupiter combinations: I want you to take me on a great sexual adventure.Venus - Saturn combinations: The psychological ramifications of Venus - Saturn aspect could fill an entire volume.Venus is inherently romantic, since above all else it seeks closeness in relationship.All manner of combinations are possible, and the more contacts Venus and Mars make to other planets and points in the horoscope, the more complex will be one's sexuality.I can remember hearing or reading somewhere that a man looks for a woman who will say yes, and a woman looks for a man she will want to say yes to.

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Moon - Venus: I am sexually receptive when a particular mood is created. My need for atmosphere is fueled by such things as candlelight dinners, soft music and fluffy down comforters.With a Mars - Saturn aspect one would want to control and direct his or her sexual drive in very particular ways.All actions (Mars) are tightly controlled and disciplined (Saturn), and sexual expression is confined within acceptable and perhaps quite conservative parameters. "Mars - Uranus: There is here an equal need to vary one's sexual activity lest it become boring.Venus - Pluto combinations: I will either connect deeply and profoundly to another within sex or I will not engage in it at all. Sex is never frivolous or casual to the Venus - Pluto individual.Without passion and a profound connection sex is meaningless.Moon - Mars: I feel a strong biological drive and need for the release of sexual tension.

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