Venus and mars dating


Moon - Mars embodies an undeniable quality of lustiness.Venus - Jupiter combinations: I want you to take me on a great sexual adventure.Venus - Neptune aspects: Here I am likely to dream that my redeemer will come. One may need a partner who is receptive to your incorporating fantasy into lovemaking.This is potentially a very magical and seductive Mars, but there is also a real potential for "checking out" from being fully present in the act and retreating to a world of imagination and fantasy which makes no room for genuine connection.Mercury - Mars: I like to tell you what I am doing or going to do to you or with you.Moon - Venus: I am sexually receptive when a particular mood is created. My need for atmosphere is fueled by such things as candlelight dinners, soft music and fluffy down comforters.Aries: You are or prefer to be the initiator of sexual activity. Cancer: Sex is an experience of emotional connection and bonding. Sex is fun, sex is romantic, and sometimes it's dramatic. I write articles on astrology, but I enjoy writing on a variety of other subjects as well..

Without passion and a profound connection sex is meaningless.Venus - Saturn combinations: The psychological ramifications of Venus - Saturn aspect could fill an entire volume.Venus is inherently romantic, since above all else it seeks closeness in relationship.Positively, one's sexual expression is intensely personal and purposeful.Negatively, there may be a pull to sexual addiction. Steve Kinsman I live in California with my wife Carol, where I have been practicing professional astrology for 35 years.Venus - Uranus: Here there is great receptivity to experimentation and adventure. Most importantly, I would resist falling into predictable sexual routines because this would bore me and I would soon lose interest. "I am always exploring new methods, new techniques, new adventures and new places."Mars and Venus combined with Uranus are as liberal as they are conservative when combined with Saturn.

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