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and if you want to FINALLY meet your dream girl and start your forever relationship… join me in the worldwide Shogun Method brotherhood!PS: If you’re wondering what you’ll get once you have purchased Shogun Method, watch this short video which will bring you on a tour of the Shogun platform:- PPS: For an alternative Shogun Method review, read this.(For convenience’s sake, let’s call her Emma.) I won’t be shy to admit to you that she had completely pussywhipped me into obedience.

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Indeed, I’ve spoken with a lot of guys in the same predicament as I was… Most of them had one thing in common – They all had attempted to use Pickup Artist tricks on women… #fail If you’ve experienced something similar then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about right there. The reason I now have a happy, successful love life is not because I followed the same rehashed Pickup Artist/PUA advice you see littering the Internet these days. Critical to my success was the fact that I had started following the Shogun Method by Derek Rake shortly before my luck with women started to change for the better.(Now thinking back, it was really fucked up, but then I was as clueless as an amoeba before I discovered Shogun Method.) I was at the receiving end of needless mind games and endless shit tests (you know the drill) and I had tried my best to tolerate her bullshit because of reason (2) above……and yet, I finally got pushed over the edge one day when she posted jokingly on Facebook… As if that was not humiliating enough, she then followed up with an “inch by inch” comparison with her ex-boyfriend’s dong (which was unfavorable to me).I quickly turned to Google and searched for terms like and found Derek’s work.It only took me about four hours to learn the entire Shogun Method arsenal (believe me when I say that I was pretty fucking motivated at that time).irst of all, let me ask you a simple question – does “Pickup Artist” or “PUA” stuff really work for you? Here’s why I am asking: my complete and utter failure with women could be attributed to one thing: over-reliance on using Pickup Artist tricks to make women fall in love.

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