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Our chatdatinggay or internetcrimesdating that swingerpartyinlasvegas to a amateurswingers of phpvalidatingforminput.I thought it would be good to have an interview with someone who has SO MANY women who look up to her. Her second book, Life’s Little Emergencies: Everyday Rescue for Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, and Life, was published in 2003. Here is a link to a radio interview I did early today.. If you know anyone who is in the entertainment industry or a singer or someone who wants to get into the music industry.. As you know I am the Reigning MS PLUS HARRIS COUNTRY and being a plus size queen is an honor.. She was the first plus-size model to attain supermodel status. where she gave fashion advice to women of all ages. I am on A MISSION to take OUR PAGEANTS to prime time like CBS, NBC etc… I guess the biggest question that I have been getting is about Dating.. if he is truly a real man your size should not matter.. I had an issue once when i was set up on a blind date ( which I hate by the way) and apparently my friend Fail to tell him i was a volupous lady.. he made a excuse he had get something out of his car.. do not think you have to change your looks or get liposuction to get a man.not jeopodize your health or your self-esteem for a looser!!! Here is a list of dating sites where you can find a real man who love REAL WOMEN.. LOOK ladies there are MANY MANY men out there that LOVE what I call “REAL WOMEN” us… NEVER NEVER try and change yourself to please a man.. I laugh now simply because it was HIS LOST not mine.. A real man will be passionate, lovely and very understanding..Now I am not saying not to loose weight for there are other reasosn to loose, like health reasons, so if you want drop a few pounds to stay heathly, than let that be the only reason..

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