Webcammining with a girl


The beautiful Mistress Sheri Darling loves to have a morning smoke while planning how she will play with her little submissive for the day.The first order of the day, however, is to have submissive Cupcake kneel by Mistress' chair with her cigarette and lighter ready for her arrival.Cupcake watches him with a mixture of curiosity and lust, trembling as the rope slides over her skin for what feels like ever, caressing her and holding her in place.After Meister Schmerz finishes, he leaves Cupcake to struggle against the rope, moaning softly as she delights in the feeling of being so exposed and so unable to escape!Cupcake and Charlotte are two cuties sitting in a bathtub naked and eating cake pops. The giggle and slowly lick and nibble on their sweet treat while looking up at you.

Nate teasingly licks her face, before mouth fucking her with his large hands until Cupcake is moaning and gagging.Cupcake meekly tries to explain but Nate has heard enough.Grabbing her to hold her still, Nate pours honey into Cupcake's protesting mouth, smearing it around while Cupcake breathlessly apologizes. Nate Liqour, but tonight she gets a little distracted!Dripping the honey on her finger and sneaking small tastes, Nate sneaks up behind her, asking what's taking dessert so long.Cupcake comforts Harry and then they spend their day together as Cupcake shyly shows off her diaper at the park and around their dormitory.

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