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I go into puppy mode, panting and begging, wiggling my tail with joy!

I then become highly aroused and begin rubbing myself subconciously!

After teasing her a little longer he grants Cupcake permission to cum and then leaves her to rest in her ties, dazed and wet.

Your newest secretary, Miss Sin Clair, has noticed you've been awful stressed lately and has just the remedy!

Nate Liqour, but tonight she gets a little distracted!

Dripping the honey on her finger and sneaking small tastes, Nate sneaks up behind her, asking what's taking dessert so long.

After it dawns on me that it only comes off with your permission, I grudgingly remove clothes and bring out my vibrator and dildo, licking the dildo with big puppy laps before using it on myself with the vibrator!

I show how I am penetrating myself in several positions: kneeling while facing the camera, doggy style, etc.

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I excitedly thank him(you) for the collar he's gifted me with and, after putting it on I slowly realize I am under his control!

Schmerz comes back with a vibrator in hand and begins teasing Cupcake with it, murmuring that she must beg for permission before cumming.

Cupcake wiggles her hips, unable to move too far and yet eager to feel the vibrator against her lingerie clad cunt..before long she's begging for release!

Cupcake watches him with a mixture of curiosity and lust, trembling as the rope slides over her skin for what feels like ever, caressing her and holding her in place.

After Meister Schmerz finishes, he leaves Cupcake to struggle against the rope, moaning softly as she delights in the feeling of being so exposed and so unable to escape!

Cupcake meekly tries to explain but Nate has heard enough.

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