When did online dating become popular

Remember that there was no You Tube, Facebook, or even Google in the earliest days of the internet.

Also keep in mind that home computers didn't become popular themselves until around 1995. Start a conversation with someone you barely know, and get to know them.

Also, many online daters correspond with one another for weeks or months by computer before ever meeting face-to-face, which has been shown to yield unrealistic expectations.

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Economy All this and more is possible thanks to the internet and the best part is that all this comes to you for peanuts. The only thing more you could ask for is a step by step guide to find your dream date…well here it is!

But there are downsides to looking for love on the web, according to Reis.

Skimming over hundreds of potential mates can promote a "shopping" mentality, in which people are excessively picky and judgmental.

In one study, they found that in a single month in 2011, nearly 25 million unique users around the world were online dating.

"Online dating is definitely a new and much needed twist on relationships," study co-author Harry Reis, professor of psychology at the university, said in a written statement.

Online dating has become the #2 form of matchmaking in the U.

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