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You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one.My breakup taught me to be strong and let go of the small things.), it’s time to take back the power and put yourself in a stronger bargaining position.It’s time for you to take control of the situation and remove your ex’s safety net.I continued creating the life I had left off to be in a relationship that went nowhere.I left my sorrows behind in a garbage can on an unknown street that I would never visit again. They still think they’ve got you under their thumb at this point, and probably assume that you’ll come running back in a heartbeat if asked.

What’s the very best way to demonstrate to your ex that you no longer need them in your life?By ending all communication for three to five weeks.This period of time is crucial, because it will be totally unexpected from your ex’s point of view.I was so blindly in love that I hadn’t realized I’d become sensitive about every little thing in my life, even if it wasn’t a big problem, or that my ex-boyfriend, who I was trying to get back together with, exposed qualities that were no longer desirable in someone I really wanted to be with.And with him not only had I lost sight of who I was, but also of what my goals for my academic and future career were.It doesn’t help that we are trained to feel that the end of a relationship is one of the biggest failures of our life.

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