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In 344, the year after a vow to the third consulate of Gaius Marcius Rufus and the second consulate of Titus Manlius Torkwatus, the Temple of Moneth was sanctified.

Right after the temple's sanctification a miracle happened, which was similar to that of an ancient miracle on the Albanian Mountain.

More than that, it managed to crash down twice in one and the same day – July, 21, but in different years: 365 and 400.

I believe it becomes clear now where so many stones, scattered on the streets of ruinous Jerusalem (seen on panorama), come from, along with round holes and collapsed roofs.There are large lava spots of harrates in Arabia (with no volcanoes around), which are fields of fritted stone and completely dried streambeds of rivers, in fact.Cosmic shots perfectly show us dry streambeds of formerly broadest rivers in India.There was strong rivalry between different chronological tendencies when each chronicler aimed to use his own dating scheme and, as a result, when a common chronology started to be formed, we obtained what we have. Archaeologists are constantly facing traces of such disasters.As early as 1948 Professor Schaeffer published his work on comparative stratigraphy of the Bronze Age in the Middle East, in particular on Shliman's Hissarlyk hill.It means there were much less variously dated disasters in fact.

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